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The Silent Mind


Martial art training has always been recognized as an excellent form of physical exercise as well as self-defense training. But, here at The Silent Mind we go beyond training just your physical body - we train your mind and enrich your spirit through our unique approach to training.  Experience our classes for yourself.  Book an introductory class.  We offer classes some weekday and weekend mornings, weekday evenings, and all weekend.

Your Body Development

We all have an innate instinct to be physically healthy. This encompasses our body’s function, fitness, and looks. We have a tendency in our society to focus on the look (i.e. lose weight, 6-pack abs, nice tush) we want and hope we’re doing the right things to positively affect the function and fitness. This is the outside-in approach.

Here at The Silent Mind we take a different approach. We start with the inside and work our way out. The human body is a divine creation composed of more than just the physical body. At a deeper level we are composed of energy, and it is at this energy body level that life is sustained and perfect health arises. Many of the cultures of our ancient ancestors knew this. In India they call this energy Prana. In China it’s called Ch’i or Qi (pronounced chee). The Japanese call it Ki (pronounced kee).

Everything experienced in the physical body first manifests in the energy body. Modern medical science has made some startling discoveries recently providing medical evidence of this phenomenon.

So, how do we harness this discovery for our own health? The Silent Mind teaches you about the energy system while you’re working out in our enlightening martial art classes. We offer coursework that expands your awareness of your energy body while your physical body performs the right kind of exercise that promotes clarity, vitality, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Your Mind Development

It’s a statement of our times, we all feel sometimes like the world is spinning out of control and we don’t know what to do about it. But, it’s not the world spinning out of control at all – it’s us!  Our minds are out of our control.  We lost the ability to just stop thinking!  Our minds go 24/7.  Because of this we aren’t sleeping well, we aren’t digesting well, our bodies become inflexible and stiff, and we become sick and diseased.  We are dissatisfied with our life situation and the world around us.

“We are bound in our existence by a creation of our consciousness – the mind. But our true nature is pure unbounded existence.” – Tim Loomis

We are living under a misconception of our mind and its role in our life and our evolutionary development. Western society places great emphasis on the cultivation of the thinking mind, the learning of facts and figures with a complete reliance on the precepts of logic. It is this mind that is totally responsible for the predicament we find ourselves and our world in today.

The writers of the great spiritual works of all cultures speak of a bigger Mind, a Mind that is not bounded by thinking, concepts, logic, judgments, suffering, and fear. This Mind is not developed by any logic or learning method conceived of by the thinking mind. It requires a personal realization on the part of the seeker and an opening of one’s self to that which is the source of all. This Mind blossoms when the tangles born and perpetuated by the thinking mind begin to unravel and dissolve.

At this time, Mind development cannot be found in our traditional institutions of education. The Silent Mind is here for the seeker. We offer the coursework that will help you begin to untangle that which the mind has created.

Your Spiritual Development

The impulse to develop spiritually is the calling in us to reach our highest, truest, and ultimate potential as human beings. It may start with a mild curiosity about things in our lives we don’t or can’t understand. It may begin with a realization that the nature of existence is greater than we’ve yet realized and we want to know more. Or, it may be initiated by a yearning deep within you that you can’t explain or resist.


We are now in an unprecedented time when all who seek it may receive it. Spiritual development of this nature is not dependent on religion or doctrine; it is the seeking of truth of one’s real Self. Spiritual development occurs most quickly when proper body and mind development, working in concert, produces a fast-track to spiritual liberation – Enlightenment!


The Silent Mind can help you on your journey. Our instructors are well on their way in their own journeys. Our classes are structured to help move you along in your journey.

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