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Our Student's Experience

“Great place to learn Aikido under the guidance of Vladimir Soroka Sensei. The classes are very well structured, challenging and safe. The great experience of the instructors make the learning experience outstanding. I would recommend this dojo to any level of martial artist that would like to learn Aikido as well as self-defense.” - Dr. Federico Fernandez Nievas

“I have attended this class for several months and love it! I have become more physically fit, mindful, and energetic. The instructors are knowledgeable, caring, and teach at a good pace. I get along well with the other students. I look forward to coming to the dojo every week.” - T'ai Chi student

T'ai Chi Ch'uan

T'ai Chi Ch'uan has become a popular exercise program for its relaxing, low-impact affects. T'ai Chi promotes improved health and vitality while creating better balance, posture, and flexibility.


Most schools teaching T'ai Chi only teach the health benefits of its practice. We are unique in that we also teach the martial art side of T'ai Chi if the student desires. T'ai Chi is a formidable fighting system that students find fascinating to learn.

We conduct a two-step introductory lesson process.  You can book your first introductory lesson here.  We'll set up your second lesson appointment at your first lesson.

Exercise Classes

Yes, we're a great martial art school.  We offer some fantastic exercise-oriented classes as well.  Of course, these classes adhere to our unique mind/body/spirit philosophy.  We know that perfect health is not just a thing of the body.  When the mind is properly engaged and the spirit is enriched, your health, vitality, and outlook will all improve. 

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