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Family Classes

Families that Kick together

Stick together.

That's our motto.  Our weekly classes are mostly geared to specific age groups, but we have many families training with us.  So, we come together, all ages and sizes, once per week to train together.

It's a wonderful time to bond with your kids.  We keep this class fun while imparting important self-defense knowledge, tactics, and techniques.

What Students Say About Our Classes

When you decide to work with The Silent Mind, you will be getting so much more out of your learning experience. We have been a leading Twinsburg area Martial Arts School since 2004, and have grown our service offerings with each passing year. Check out all of the amazing opportunities we provide to your family below.

"As a parent of two active children my wife and I were looking for activities for our kids.  The family class at The Silent Mind has been a perfect fit for us.  The kids have fun with the rigorous exercise, while learning practical self-defense.  I have been amazed with their increased confidence, coordination, and strength.  The additional bonus for us is that I am able to participate along with them.  Many of their activities left me on the sidelines as a spectator, where as The Silent Mind's family class allows me to work along with them.  It has been truly wonderful to share my enjoyment of martial arts with my kids and help them learn."
– Justin, Madelyn (9), Xander (5)

"My child came into this class with some anger issues and lack of self-confidence. After many months of class and wonderful patience through Sensei Tim, my son has learned self-control and feels good about everything he does. I’ve watched him grow and mature and become part of a new family in which all the kids are growing and learning together." – Lisa Louthan


Family Goshin Jujutsu

(All ages 4 - Adult)

Our weekly Family class is special time in the dojo.  Parents get to work with their kids, and kids get to work with their parents.  It's a unique bonding experience.  We joking say, "Where else is it OK to hit your kid, but in our Family Self-Defense class."  The class is offered on Saturdays 1:00-2:00 p.m.  When you enroll in our one of our child, teen, or adult classes, this class is free.


We conduct a two-step introductory lesson process.  You can book your first starter lesson here.  We'll set up your second lesson appointment at your first lesson.

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