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Our Homework Assignments Compliment Our Martial Art Training

The Silent Mind’s AboutFace Kids Martial Art program is a complete self-defense program and much more.  In addition to learning strategies and tactics for dealing with confrontation in any form we instruct our students in important Life Skills.


Our Life Skill homework assignments require only one item completed per day for a period of 7 days.  After 7 days the new life skill becomes a new habit if it continues to be reinforced at home.  The homework assignments are easy but contain important life skills that parents are always attempting to impart to their children, and are truly secrets to being a happy and successful person.


Each student must complete three (3) homework assignments to be considered for belt rank promotion.  It’s the kid's responsibility to request and complete each homework before their next test cycle. 

Homework Assignment Titles:

  1. Doing It The First Time

  2. Being Grateful

  3. Accepting Responsibility

  4. Honesty and Integrity

  5. Respect

  6. Being A Good Student

  7. Limiting TV / Video Games

  8. I'm Angry But In Control

  9. I Won't Argue

  10. New Friends Every Day

  11. Turning The Other Cheek

  12. Saying I Love You

  13. Do A Good Deed

  14. Helping An Animal

  15. Generosity

  16. Being A Role Model

  17. Please And Thank You

  18. It's OK To Be Afraid

  19. Learning to Listen

  20. Being Observant

  21. Go Above And Beyond

  22. Making Good Choices & Decisions

  23. Practicing Self-Discipline

  24. Thanks For Martial Arts

“As a grandma and former teacher, I can’t recommend the youth classes more highly. My grandchildren have progressed through levels taught with creativity and structure. The life skill homework sheets have motivated my granddaughter to make new friends while she challenges herself to be more outgoing. Both are learning skills and having fun, all in a disciplined environment! Kudos to Sensei Tim and Sensei Joe at The Silent Mind.”


Sigrid Reynolds

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