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The Silent Mind will be opening for limited in-studio classes as of 5/16/2020.  We are confident we can re-introduce in-studio classes safely with the highest regard for your health.  However, classes will be not be “business as usual.”  We will implement the following procedures to maximize your protection from the COVID-19 virus.


If you are in an at-risk group or live with someone at-risk we highly suggest you do not attend in-studio classes.  We will be continuing our on-line class offering until the COVID-19 crisis has past.


For those students who wish to return to in-studio classes the following rules and guidelines will be in-effect until further notice.  We have reviewed these rules and guidelines with a doctor.  We are interested in your feedback as well and will gladly accept your suggestions of changes. 




  1. If you display any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, or are simply not feeling well, stay home.  We, reserve the right to send you home if we feel you pose a health risk.

  2. All classes will remain NO CONTACT.Curriculum will reflect the present non-contact martial arts to all students.  Student testing will be modified to be NO CONTACT.

  3. We will maintain the 6-foot distancing rule on the mat and in the dojo.  We are allowed (right now) 10 students per class.  Please email us ( your planned class attendance days / times so we can insure we don’t have too many students at once.

  4. For now, MASKS WILL BE WORN at all times from the moment students enter the dojo to the moment they leave the dojo.You must bring your own mask.  We will stock a minimal supply of our own masks for student’s use.  (I am very interested in your opinion about wearing masks.)

  5. NO SPECTATORS.  We will require, for now, that parent’s drop-off and pick-up rather than coming in.  Parents should mask their kids in the car before they enter the dojo.

  6. All students will wash their hands and lower arms before class and before entering the mat.  Hand sanitizer will be available mat-side for your use during class.

  7. Any hand pad or bag used during a class will be left in a pile on the mat after the class so they can be sanitized.  Each instructor is responsible for sanitizing the used equipment at the end of his/her class and then replacing it on the shelves so the next class knows it is safe.  The water-base punching bags will be sanitized after each class.

  8. In addition, Instructors will wipe-down (with sanitizing agent) all door knobs, bathroom / kitchen fixtures, and spectator seating after each class and the mat will be washed at closing each day.

  9. The school has hired a professional cleaning company to do weekly cleaning.  They have already applied a germ/virus-killing sanitizing agent to the mat and carpeted floor that continues to automatically sanitize for up to 6-months.

Our student’s and family’s health and safety are our primary concern until the threat of COVID-19 has past.  We firmly believe that the best martial art training is conducted face-to-face and hope you feel we’ve taken sufficient precaution for you to return to in-studio classes.

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