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Get them off the couch and into the Dojo! Prepare your child for success in every aspect of their li

Martial arts training provides a number of great benefits for adults, but many parents have found that it can have a tremendous effect on child development as well. Jujutsu, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Karate for children can not only help them to become more physically active, but participation in such exercises has shown to increase discipline and social skills too. In fact, an article in the December 2002 issue of The International Journal of Contemporary Family Therapy recommended that families take martial art classes because of the many positive effects martial arts training provides to all family members.

Many parents today are frustrated that their kids spend too much time in the house playing video games. They’re worried their kids are not getting enough exercise or social interaction. Youth martial arts classes can play a major role in helping your child to become a more centered, well-rounded, physically fit individual. Luckily, The Silent Mind in Twinsburg, Ohio offers a number of kids’ martial arts programs for children 4 and up. As Northeast Ohio’s premier martial art school, The Silent Mind focuses on the entire body when it comes to fitness. As many young students throughout Hudson, Ohio and Solon, Ohio can attest, The Silent Mind does not simply teach fitness or self-defense classes, but confidence building activities.

One of the main reasons why so many parents consider kids’ martial arts programs is that it is a fun and interesting training for the body and mind. Since many of today’s children are glued to gaming computer screens, it can be difficult to find an activity that will challenge and engage them. However, martial arts for children has proven to be a very effective way to get children up on their feet and away from the screen. A study published in 2009 Wisconsin Medical Journal stated that not only do martial arts increase balance as well as overall health, but this type of training can also be an effective means of improving psychological wellbeing.

The instructors at The Silent Mind have found that non-athletic kids thrive in the program. The Silent Mind’s kids’ curriculum is non-competitive and very supportive. The kids support each other’s progress, cheer at other’s accomplishments, and frequently form long-term friendships with classmates.

While youth martial arts classes undoubtedly offer physical benefits, The Silent Mind in Twinsburg often informs parents that there are several mental benefits as well. In order to master the moves that are taught in such programs, students must be able to pay attention to their instructor and memorize the motions. As their level of concentration grows, it begins to seep into other areas of their lives, such as school. The concentration skills your child picks up in their martial arts training will go a long way in helping them to become a better student overall. A study published in the 2004 Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology showed that children who participated in martial arts training had better behavior and higher scores in a mental math test.

Along those same lines, children with certain conditions can find wonderful benefits from Kung Fu, , Jujutsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Karate classes. The Magazine for Physical Therapy praised martial art training as a helpful activity for special needs children. Parents of children with ADHD have reported great success with programs like those offered at The Silent Mind because they target the areas that are underdeveloped in individuals with this condition. A 2012 article from Psychology Today entitled, “Martial Arts and the Autism Spectrum,” even suggests that martial arts may help to reduce stereotypic activity in children with autism.

Students in Hudson and Solon who take youth martial arts classes at The Silent Mind also tend to become more ambitious. While The Silent Mind does not participate in competitions, this Northeast Ohio studio does allow students to earn rank belts as their skills continue to improve. With each belt that your child earns, they will work harder to get to the next level—a good exercise in setting and reaching goals that will stay with them as they age.

Along with physical fitness, concentration and goal setting, participation in kids’ martial arts programs also helps to increase self-esteem and improve attitude. The 2004 study on school-based martial arts training in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology showed that students who practiced martial arts had a greater improvement in classroom conduct and social behavior than those who did not. The Silent Mind stresses the importance of building self-confidence and positive attitudes in children as young as four. The wonderful thing about martial arts training is that such characteristics are innately found in The Silent Mind’s Jujutsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate and Kung Fu programs. Involvement in The Silent Mind’s courses works as a confidence building activity because it provides small challenges that build cumulative successes. When students begin to see what they are capable of, it boosts their self-esteem.

With all that martial arts training has to offer, it’s no wonder why so many children opt to take classes at The Silent Mind. As this local martial art school offers Lil’ Dragon and Parent for kids 4-7 and AboutFace for kids 8-13, your little one has the opportunity to take advantage of carefully constructed programs that develop hand/eye coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, self-esteem, and concentration skills. In addition, The Silent Mind also assigns Life Skills homework in order to teach children the values you strive to instill in them every day.

As you can see, kids’ martial arts programs do much more than simply teach little ones self-defense—they help to develop nearly every aspect of their character. To learn more about the youth martial arts classes available at The Silent Mind and why martial arts training might be the perfect choice for your child call at (888) 463-6179.

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