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The Dojo (training hall) is not like any other place I know. Besides being a “workout” destination, it is a social destination for many students. Unlike going to the gym where you are a solitary person in a sea of solitary people working on their individual machines, you are working closely with your fellow students, interacting with them, learning from them, and enjoying the friendships that develop from hanging out with like-minded people.

At The Silent Mind, a Twinsburg OH non-profit martial art school, our students frequently establish lasting friendships that go beyond the Dojo. To this day, over 50 years later, many of my best and closest friends are people I met at the Dojo. I see this in our current student population as well. There’s an unmistakable comradery that builds trust in one another which is always a good foundation for a lasting friendship.

The Dojo offers young people the opportunity to interact with other kids and adults in a peer relationship. You may think “Why is this so important?” As I was growing up through my pre-teen and teen years, I valued the relationships I had with adult students and instructors who treated me as an equal and friend. It enabled me to be comfortable around adults. It gave me confidence in myself. And, it showed me how to be an adult. Many of these ‘role models’ provided a template for me as I laid the foundation of the kind of adult I wanted to be.

Many sports and activities instill a feeling of comradery among their participants. The Dojo goes further. There is a comradery created when you fully trust the person in front of you. That trust is created because we’re hitting each other (martial arts, remember). You feel that your fellow students “have your back” not just at the Dojo but in your life as well. Throughout my life this feeling has proven out time and again when Dojo friends have come to my aid from moving, to standing up with me at my wedding, to helping me find new employment.

Professional people know that the Dojo is great place to make other professional contacts. The Dojo is a network of working people who typically feel very confident in recommending or referencing their fellow student/friend in new opportunities. It’s surprising the breadth of professions you’ll find working out together at the Dojo. Our adult students range from entry-level 20-somethings to high-level management of major corporations to doctors and lawyers.

One thing brought all these people together – a love for the martial arts! We like to have fun together, but the binding element is that we sweat together as we learn and perfect our martial art skills. There’s always room for one more. If martial art training is something that interests you give The Silent Mind a call at (888) 463-6179 and speak with Sensei Tim.

Timothy R. Loomis is an 8th Dan Master Black Belt.He is the President of The Silent Mind Foundation, a non-profit school of martial arts in Twinsburg, OH.Tim started his martial art journey at the age of 8 and never looked back.With over 55 years under his Black Belt, he’s been teaching in his surrounding communities of Aurora, Solon, Hudson, Twinsburg, Macedonia, Sagamore Hills, and Northfield for over 20 years.The mission of The Silent Mind Foundation is to seek out and introduce the life-changing benefits of martial arts that he himself has experienced.You are always welcome at The Silent Mind!

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