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Secrets of the Dojo - Observations on Awareness

Awareness is a key component to happiness, success, contentment, harmonious relationships, and freedom from worry, regret and fear. All these things are natural byproducts of awareness. Awareness of what you may ask? Awareness of NOW. Learning to live NOW in the present moment 100% of the time. It seems simple enough, however few people take advantage of this life secret. They rarely experience the present much less live in it. They spend their lives regretting actions taken in the past, or worrying about things that might happen in the future. Their habitual thought patterns flip from past regret to future worry leaving little room for NOW.

Our society’s institutions (i.e. work, media, school, government, religions) do little to promote living NOW. If fact, they generally do what they can to keep us worried, regretting, and in fear. There is an oasis of NOW in Twinsburg, OH where, for the past 17 years, those seeking the knowledge and training to break the habitual thought patterns that hold us hostage is learned and practiced. It is called The Silent Mind and it is a martial art school. A rather unique martial art school whose founder and Master teacher, Timothy R. Loomis, uses the vehicle of martial arts to impart the secrets of awareness to his students.

This training is for children and adults. Children’s classes are designed to impart this knowledge and practice in a way a child understands without having to comprehend complex concepts. They learn by doing. They learn that the true essence of martial arts is the way of peace and getting along with others. They clear away feelings of self-doubt replacing it with self-confidence. They are transformed through training into happy and self-reliant individuals. They learn that hard work pays off in attaining their life goals. They do this while learning the skills of martial arts.

Adults explore the depth of their being and awareness through physical and mental martial art training as concepts are presented and practiced designed to help overly stressed adults cope with life. The dojo (studio) becomes a temporary respite from the crazy world outside. In time, the lessons and experiences of the dojo transfer out to their family, work, and public lives. They do this through learning the true meaning and practices of martial arts.

Let me give you one simple but profound practice we exercise at Twinsburg’s The Silent Mind. We teach each student the simple act of bowing at the door of the dojo when they enter, and as they leave after lessons. Students are taught that by bowing when they arrive they are leaving the outside world behind, and that while in the dojo they concentrate all their efforts on the teachings and practice. The outside world returns when they bow at the door upon leaving the dojo. During class we stress concentration on NOW by working skills, drills, and self-defense techniques where we strive to hold our full attention on the present activity being practiced.

Not all martial art schools operate in this manner. Sadly, today many have succumbed to the simpler ‘keep the students occupied’ with loud music and quick activities training plan. You can rest assured that The Silent Mind in Twinsburg has our student’s long-term personal growth as our top and only priority. We truly teach you to become a Black Belt in life as well as martial arts. The Silent Mind (888) 463-6179.

(888) 463-6179

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