Martial art training has always been recognized as an excellent form of physical exercise as well as self-defense training. But, here at The Silent Mind we go beyond training just your physical body - we train your mind and awaken your spirit through our unique approach to training. Master Tim’s teaching comes from his over 50 years of traditional training in martial arts and meditation practices. He teaches from personal experience and the benefit of working with literally hundreds of students over the years.

Your Body Development

We all have an innate instinct to be physically healthy. This encompasses our body’s function, fitness, and looks. We have a tendency in our society to focus on the look (i.e. lose weight, 6-pack abs, nice tush) we want and hope we’re doing the right things to positively affect the function and fitness. This is the outside-in approach. At The Silent Mind we take a different approach. We start with the inside and work our way out. The human body is a divine creation composed of more than just the physical body. At a deeper level we are composed of energy, and it is at this energy body level that life is sustained and perfect health arises. Many of the cultures of our ancient ancestors knew this. In India they call this energy Prana. In China it’s called Ch’i or Qi (pronounced chee). The Japanese call it Ki (pronounced kee). Everything experienced in the physical body first manifests in the energy body. Modern medical science has made some startling discoveries recently providing medical evidence of this phenomenon. So, how do we harness this discovery for our own health? The Silent Mind teaches you about the energy system while you’re working out in our enlightening martial art classes. We offer coursework that expands your awareness of your energy body while your physical body performs the right kind of exercise that promotes clarity, vitality, strength, flexibility, and b