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Beat the video game addiction; get real exercise for your whole body and mind; and learn to defend yourself.

Teen Classes

It doesn't matter if you're athletically inclined or not.  Our classes allow to you learn at your own pace.  The Silent Mind is not competition oriented.  You'll find instructors and peer students to be friendly and supportive.  Our sole goal is to teach you to defend yourself and give you a great workout.  Start today on the path to becoming a Black Belt in one of the most innovative and thoughtful martial art self-defense programs in NE Ohio.

Putting your time to good use

When you decide to work with The Silent Mind, you will be getting so much more out of your learning experience. We have been a leading Twinsburg area Martial Arts School since 2004. Our Teen service offerings have grown with each passing year. Check out all of the amazing opportunities we provide to our students below.

"I’ve tried all the fitness classes at my local community fitness center. The physical workouts were OK, but I became aware that I was looking for more. The Silent Mind’s classes introduced me to the missing element. Their whole-person approach to exercise, engaging the body, mind, and spirit is every one of their programs was exactly what I needed to be satisfied with my workouts. The Silent Mind’s kid’s martial art program is about so much more than martial arts. The teaching environment is fun, safe, and encompasses a host of lessons about how to be a better person. I was pleasantly surprised how complete the program really is. I will be keeping my son in the program right through to his Black Belt". – Debra Moore and Devin Mills

Goshin Jujutsu

(14 - Adult, Coed)

Our Goshin Jujutsu program is now combined with our Yi Ran Dao kung fu program and focuses on practical self-defense knowledge, tactics, and techniques. Our expert Black Belt instructors present potent self-defense techniques countering real-world assault and robbery situations. You'll learn how to escape from potentially life threatening situations in every class.


The class is also a great workout. Get in shape by building flexibility, strength, and speed.


You can book your first starter lesson here or just give us a call at (888) 463-6179.  We'll set up your starter lesson appointment at your convenience.

Karate Course

Yi Ran Dao Kung Fu

(14 - Adult, Coed)

Yi Ran Dao is a combination of Northern and Southern Shaolin kung fu, Bagua Zhang, and T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Classes emphasize the basics of stance, strikes, kicks, and blocks using traditional training methods of drills and forms. Yi Ran Dao also teaches practical self-defense through two person attack / defense scenarios.


Yi Ran Dao is a unique system of kung fu you will only find at The Silent Mind. You are welcome to try a class or two to see if this training is for you.

You can book your first starter lesson here or just give us a call at (888) 463-6179.  We'll set up your starter lesson appointment at your convenience.

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